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Fashion Week Live

Step into the world of fashion. Design a model, pick out the most stylish clothes and build your career in the fashion industry.

Check out different fashion brands, products and personalities and make your name in the industry.

Express yourself and create your own styles and share them online.

Your journey to fashion stardom begins with you choosing a model and an outfit. The outfit that you choose is yours for free, and you can change the look of your model at any time. A character called Eve will help show you around and give you tips as you play.

Once you have your chosen outfit you are taken to your apartment, from here you have lots of options. The first is going to the salon to change your look. You can do this at any time, and every option is available to you from your hairstyle and colour to the lipstick you have. There are loads of cool choices for you to make.

You also have access to your wardrobe where you can change your look and clothes whenever you feel like it. From here you can see what you have, and when you try on clothes your will get to see what they look like instantly on your model. You can also access the shops from your wardrobe and go hunting for that perfect item.

There is also your portfolio showing all of the pictures that you have taken over your career. Other players can also view your portfolio when you appear in the fashion catalog. Many of the pictures in your portfolio will come from the work you do in your career, the more career work you do the larger a portfolio you will have.

Your career starts here too, with lots of work for you from customers. In each job you make a look based on the style requested using items from your own collection of clothes. You will also have the option to go to the shop and find items to fit the job requirement. There is a bar above your model showing how popular the look will be, with stars from 1 to 5.

For each job that you complete you will get paid, both coins and experience. Coins can be used to shop in the stores, and you're experience counts towards your level. There are some items of clothing or jewelry that require a certain level to use. The higher level that you are the more expensive jobs you can complete.

Each day there is a catalog of looks from the all of the members of Fashion Week Live, here you can vote if you think a look is Hit or Miss. You can vote up to 20 times per day, and each look can collect stars too. You can also view the full portfolio of that model and buy the items on show if you find something great.

There is also a second currency called Diamonds, these can also be spent on clothes in the stores, or to speed up jobs. Diamonds are only available for real money purchase through the game, though you begin with 10 for free. You can also buy coins for money through the game.

Each day there are also certain tasks you can complete and earn extra money and experience, these are shown on your smartphone. Simply click the phone and you will see your daily tasks, if you then click that item you will be instantly taken to where you need to go. The extra cash and experience is really useful, so its worth doing them whenever you can.

THe most important thing in Fashion Week Live is the models and cloths, and there are some really fantastic options here. The models look stunning, and the game looks like real photographs. With some incredibly high quality clothes and looks. Buying items is easy and the apartment is simple to navigate around.

The career jobs are fun and interesting and they can reward a lot of coins to spend, and its just fun picking some gorgeous outfits. With a fun mini game involving matching clothes to models as well as amazing graphics there is so much to do here. Working your way up the ranks to being the best in Fashion Week Live is fabulous fun, and the clothing possibilities are endless. If you like your clothes Fashion Week Live is fantastic for you. Fashion Week Resumo