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Strona Główna Gry Mall World
Oceń: 8,4 Oceń 80 Głosy
Grałeś 174
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Choose from thousands of options for dresses, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, and more!

Show off your good taste by customizing your personal shop and selling the coolest clothes!

Are you a top stylist? Strut your stuff on the catwalk and compete to win!

Choose your look, from hairstyle to clothes and prepare to be the manager of your very own fashion store. Pick your first items and sell them to your clients as you take the fashion world by storm.

Once your first item is purchased you can begin to fill your store with new shelves, racks for clothes and decorative items. As well as items and the layout, you can design the walls as well as the whole look of your store. When you have items to sell you can put them anywhere you want, make your store look the best around.

If you need a break from the store, or you are looking for some inspiration you can visit some of the other shops run by people. Buy items for your own wardrobe or just check out the competition. Here you can see what others are selling and how they decorate the store.

The mall is the place to go to check out the fashions available and to find chic and glamorous stuff for your own wardrobe. From there you can pick your look for when you are in your store, or you can choose to show your stuff off on the catwalk. Simply click on the phone icon on your screen and show them your style.

There are hundreds of items for you to choose from to add to your store, each item you buy costs a certain amount, and then will sell for a bit of a profit. From a small business you can take over the fashion world, just be careful not to spend all of your money in one go.

As your customers look through your store you can also see what they are wearing, and you have the option to buy those clothes. Every time you look at an item to try on, your character will appear in the item of clothing you selected, so you can see your look before you buy the items.

If you get a little bored while you are in your store, there are a series of mini games that you can play, The icon on your screen contains 7 fun games for you to try out, from matching fashions to finding puzzle pieces.

When you play with your friends on Mall World you will be able to create a look for them fromthe items in your store, and they can also create looks for you. If you like the look you can buy one or more of the items recommended, or you can buy them all to fill your wardrobe.

There is also a new style shop where you can get your hair done, and you can change your makeup and look at any time. If you leave the shop the customers will be nice enough to leave the money behind, so wherever you are, you will still be able to sell your cool items.

There are 2 types of money in the game, Mall Dollars and Mall Credits. Mall Dollars are earned from your store and you can buy clothes and accessories to sell. Mall Credits are harder to get, you begin with a few, and you can win them in the catwalk, or on the spin game. Both currencies are available for purchase for real money through the game.

Mall World is a fun game to play, with so many items for you to choose from, and the ability to make a lot of money if you can keep your store stocked up well. With great graphics and some amazing clothes there is so much for you to see. The mini games are fun to play and being able to stock your own wardrobe is also great. Mall World has everything for the budding fashion store owner all in one amazing place. Mall World Streszczenie