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Kezdőlap Játékok Happy Pets
Értékelés: 10 Értékelés 2 Szavazatok
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Find irresistible pets of all kinds just waiting for you to adopt them in this cute Facebook game.

Raise your pets and breed them to get unique patterns and colorful creatures.

Share your collection with your friends and see who can collect them all.

Happy Pets gives you the chance to own some of the cutest pets around, starting with either cats or dogs, you can then progress into a vast world of pets, from wild animals, to little hamsters, there are pets for everyone.

By feeding, cleaning and playing with your pets they grow up, learn tricks and can fall in love with each other. When they do, they can breed and you can create your own colour combinations. When your new pet is born it will be added to your collection, and you will have to look after it just as you did before.

Happy Pets also allows you to go to the park with your favorite pets, show them off to people and chat with other pet collectors. Send your pet to find hidden treasures by digging in the park, and see what amazing pets your friends have too.

Earn coins by looking after your pets, expand your rooms, buy more rooms for your new pets, and even purchase some exotic brightly coloured animals to call your own. Visit your friends and help them look after their pets, and you might get a new pet of your own!

Happy Pets is a cute, fun little game that lets you keep track of many different pets, your collection can grow and grow, and there are some amazing combinations that you can make, and share with friends! Happy Pets Összegzés