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Kitchen Scramble is a free Facebook game where you manage your own food truck. Prepare food for customers and collect coins to spend on upgrades for your kitchen.

Make recipes with your ingredients for the customers.

Use premium ingredients for extra coins.

Buy fantastic kitchen equipment to help you cook.

Help Pepper Mills make her dream come true as you manage her food truck as it travels around. By clicking on the ingredients and then the cooking equipment you can make recipes. The ingredients change each level, and to complete a level you need to earn a certain amount of coins.

Each level that you play will cost you some of your supplies, you can earn them by completing levels, and they will refresh over time. Once you begin a level you have a list of ingredients available. Some of them are in the fridge, and some are on the shelves. As you progress through each town you will have more and more ingredients and cooking stations.

Once you have picked up your ingredients you can then prepare them, either cooking them or chopping them up. You begin the game with an oven and a skillet pan, as you go you can buy new items like blenders and chopping boards. There are also upgraded versions of items available that work faster or let you cook multiple items.

Customers will arrive on the left of your screen, and each of them will ask for a certain meal. Each time you cook the meal and give it to them you will earn coins. The faster you get the meal to them the more coins you can earn. You will also collect happiness, and the faster the food arrives the more happy your customer will be.

If you leave an item on the heat for too long you can burn it, and it will need to be recycled, but the salads, and cold ingredients can be kept on standby. This means you can make a salad or prepare an omelette and leave them there ready for a customer. This can be really useful to serve them fast. The downside is if you made a salad, but need to make fries you have to recycle the salad to use the board for the potato.

There are also premium ingredients, you will get some for free, and there are others that you can buy. Premium ingredients are used for each level, and they will give you a lot of coins when you use them in a meal. Your ingredients in a level never run out, but you have limited charges the premium ingredients.

As well as coins you can get Kitchen Cash, this can be used to buy special items, or used for special things like extra coins or ingredients. These cash are only available for real money from the game, but you will get a few free when you first play the game.

Each city will also award you with star tokens, these tokens are used to get through toll gates every 10 levels or so. You can earn them in any level that you play, and each city also has a list of recipes. If you cook all of the recipes in that list you will earn star tokens.

Managing the kitchen is really fun, and planning ahead with cold food like salads can be really good for you. With fun animation and a simple gameplay Kitchen Scramble is great to play. Lots of different recipes are ready for you to make in this fabulous new game. Kitchen Scram Summary