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Home Games Fashion Designer
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Enter the design studio and create your own masterpieces of fashion in this great looking game.

Express yourself with plenty of different items, choose your style and create your own unique clothes.

Publish your designs to your friends, play mini-games and see the hottest designs online.

Enter the world of fashion design as you create outfits for yourself and customers to earn money and fame. Working with Badalia you will learn how to create outfits, enter fashion shows and run your new clothing business.

From the start you are designing your very own outfit, with a guide on what to do as you go. Creating your own look is just the beginning, once you have your outfit you are taken to your very own studio. From here you will be able to create dresses and much more for your clients. Look and vote on fashion shows or go shopping for new things.

Customers will approach you with design requests, each request has a specific criteria that you must get, form strapless dresses to using only a particular set of colours. Finishing these order will award you with some Fashion Dollars to spend on new design items. You will also receive experience, which counts towards your level.

The higher your level the bigger projects you can take on and the more money you can earn. There are also some patterns and colours etc that you can only buy when you are a specific level. Being higher level gives you more access to the items you need and much more.

There will also be customers that ask you to provide outfits for fashion shows for them. Once you start you have a options to choose from, and then create an outfit to the themes allowed. If you design a great outfit or two and your clothes are in the top 3 you will win some Dollars and prestige.

Creating your own clothes is easy to do, you begin play with a few items, from patterns and colours to the type and cut of material. You have a mannequin to work with and choosing where to put things is simple and fun. As you buy more options you can create some fantastic outfits, for yourself and your clients.

Shopping is easy to do, with everything presented in a great way and you can see what it is that you are buying for your studio. There are 2 types of money to spend, Fashion Dollars and Fashion Credits. The Dollars you earn as mentioned above, whereas the Credits you need to buy for real money from the game, though you begin with 5 for free.

When you finish making an order for a customer you can then enter it into a fashion show, you will be able to choose a theme, and then add items such as shoes and accessories to the look. Once you have you then enter into the fashion show, if you finish in the top the you will win an extra prize on top of what you earned for making dress for your customer.

With a really simple and fun way of playing Fashion Designer really lets your imagination run wild. There are thousands of looks and designs available and the fashion shows are great to vote for and play in. Perfect for all ages and tastes you will always find something fun to do in Fashion Designer Fashion Design Summary