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Λίστα Παιχνιδιών Coco Girl

Περισσότερα Παιχνίδια
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Αρχική Παιχνίδια Coco Girl
Βαθμολογία: 9.4 Βαθμολογία 442 Ψήφοι
Έπαιξες 1,402
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Coco Girl is a free game played on Facebook, allowing you to dress up your character in the best and latest fashions and play fun games too.

If you like fashion, and dress with as much glam as possible, then Coco Girl is the game for you!

Follow the trendiest players and check their daily Look. Dress properly for a quest such as going out for dinner in a really fancy restaurant.

Compete on the runway with other players and if the community rates you as the Top Dress, you become a Fashion Expert! Coco Girl Κριτική