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Types of Girl Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are many girl games available to play, but what do you do in them, what is it that makes a girl game? Girl Games Town - Types of Girl Games

There are many games that fall under the category of Girl Games and often they fall into several distinct styles. In this article we will discuss some of those more popular styles, and why they may be so popular.

One of the first types that springs to mind are the makeup games that you can play. These often simple games allow you to transform someone from just got out of the shower to stunning beauty ready to take on the town. Sometimes these games will also ask for a spa treatment too.

Once the spa is completed you are free to make them up however you want. With lots of makeups to choose from as well as the design of the hair, eye colour and much more. Being able to pick that perfect look, and change between them easily is really fun and then taking a picture to keep is a nice touch.

But its not just makeup that you can choose, there are many games where you become the designer picking out fashions for events, or even dressing characters for their perfect wedding. Fashion games are some of the biggest and best, from the simple little games with a few items to huge worlds full of stores.

Some of these games also challenge you to pick a certain look or style, and then you can have these marked by the professionals in the business. Alternatively you can be dressing people going to parties, or looking to impress a new partner.

Once again being able to pick an outfit easily and quickly is a lot of fun, especially with the range of stunning clothes some of these games have. Having your styles judged and getting a good score is also a great feeling and knowing you made the correct choices is brilliant.

Some games go even further, known as virtual worlds these allow you to enter into a place that is full of fashions, makeup and fun. They allow you to play with lots of other people from all over the world, and often you will have your own place to decorate and a wardrobe you can fill up.

With lots of other activities ranging from games to fashion shows you take part in these virtual worlds have lots to do. A bit more complicated than some of the games they are still really enjoyable, if not more so because of the range of things that you can do.

There are also lots of management style games, where you can run your own restaurant, clothes store or beauty salon. Balancing the customers and what they want from you can be a challenge, but you get to earn new items for your place and its really fun.

If that feels a little too fast for you there are also lots of home design games, some of which give you one room, while others give you whole houses to play with. Giving you budgets to work with and hundreds of items to pick from to decorate a property just the way you want.

While these are not all of the games that are available many of these form the core of what it is to play girl games. All of these and many more are available right here on Girl Games Town, and we hope that you find a game that you love to play as much as we do.

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